About iPagesCanada

iPagesCanada started it's mission to provide small business owners and alternative advertising solution in 2009. As an owner of a business myself, I created an advertising company out of necessity. We believe that the internet is the first place people go when locating a business locally.

With the advancement of technology for customer ease of use, Internet mobile devices such as "smart phones" have taken over the Internet for local business searching. In fact mobile Internet connected phones out number desktop and laptop computers 4:1.

Advertise with iPagesCanada and your business will be promoted on over 60 websites in your city!

iPagesCanada is here to help you grow your business by offsetting some of the costs of your advertising budget. Advertising in print media today has declined substantually in the past 3 years due to an increase of the Internet and Google searches. What if you could advertise on iPagesCanada AND also have your business advertised on over 60 websites in your city? Save $1000 or more each month? iPagesCanada is here to make it happen.

Get triple the advertising with iPagesCanada. Shouldn't this be the first place you should be?

In fact, comScore research shows that 82% of local searchers will follow-up their search with a phone call or in-person visit to the best listing they see. (That’s why it’s so important to SHOW UP and STAND OUT in Google.)


To all of you, from all of us at iPagesCanada- Thank you and may your business prosper!

Shelly Wielenga
iPagesCanada CEO