Conditions of employment

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) places great emphasis on enhancing the authority’s profile as an employer of choice including the attraction of new employees through innovative recruitment practices. The authority has implemented streamlined recruitment processes to help attract and engage the best candidates as well as continually improve the comprehensive induction program that has improved the retention of new starters.

Full details about conditions of employment at the APVMA are detailed in the?APVMA Enterprise Agreement.

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A generous package is available comprising:

  • annual leave (annual leave accrues at the rate of 20 days for each full year worked – it may be accessed as it accrues)
  • cashing out of annual leave provision
  • half-pay annual leave (may choose to take annual leave at half-pay)
  • purchased annual leave (option of purchasing up to an additional 6 weeks leave per year)
  • personal leave (annual credit of 20 days applied on commencement for ongoing employees)
  • compassionate leave (up to 2 days on each permissible occasion)
  • parental leave
  • miscellaneous leave
  • leave without pay
  • maternity leave (14 weeks paid maternity leave (half-pay option available – payment of 14 weeks can be spread over a period of 28 weeks))
  • long service leave (after a qualifying period of 10 years, a credit of 3 calendar months long service leave is received and may be taken at half pay).

Flexible working arrangements

The APVMA is committed to providing flexibility in working arrangements to assist employees balance their personal and work commitments. These flexibilities include:

  • access to the Flextime Scheme for APS1 to 6 employees within a 7 am to 7 pm bandwidth
  • time-off in lieu for Executive level employees
  • Christmas closedown during the Christmas and New Year period
  • with approval, access to working from home and part-time work arrangements.

Flexible salary packaging

Flexible salary packaging arrangements are available to all employees.

Performance management scheme

This scheme encourages discussion and feedback between employees and their supervisors based on a clear statement of job goals and performance expectations. All staff will be expected to participate in the performance management scheme.

Performance progression and/or bonuses for staff are linked to work performance through the APVMA Performance Management Scheme.

Other benefits

The APVMA also offers the following benefits:


We are committed to communicating and consulting with its employees about significant issues through the Staff Consultative Committee.

Valuing Diversity

We are committed to the principles of fairness, equity and diversity in employment.

Health and recreation

We are committed to the promotion of benefits of healthy lifestyles and activities and have an active program supported by staff.

Employee assistance

Employees have access to free and confidential counselling assistance to help them resolve personal and/or work-related problems.

Learning and development

We are committed to the ongoing professional development of all of our staff members. We aim to provide our staff with the necessary skills to progress in their role through face to face workshops, online learning and participation in external training events and conferences. In addition to our technical topics, we also ensure our staff participate in subject areas that help them manage their work more efficiently, balance work/life commitments and develop them as leaders. We have a generous study encouragement scheme and are constantly working to improve our learning and development offerings, including moving towards a competency based system organisation wide.

Study support

Our Study Encouragement Scheme is available for employees to undertake external study in agreed areas.

Conditions of engagement

There are a number of prerequisites to employment within the APVMA. Police records, employment history and employment references will be checked prior to engagement. A person is not eligible for engagement unless they meet the following conditions:


All new ongoing APVMA employees who are not already ongoing employees within the APS are required to serve a period of 6 month's probation. The probationary period enables a manager to assess a probationer's suitability for employment in regards to conduct and work performance, while at the same time allowing new employees an opportunity to decide whether the organisation is right for them.


Australian citizenship is a requirement for all ongoing and non-ongoing employment in the APVMA. However, it should be noted if you are not an Australian Citizen, you may still apply. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has delegation to waiver the citizenship requirement where applicants have sought after skills, qualifications and experience that is considered essential for our organisation. Note that while the citizenship requirement may be waived it is expected that citizenship would be obtained as soon as it is possible post your engagement to the APVMA.

Formal qualifications

Formal qualifications are required to undertake some duties and are specified in the selection documentation where applicable. Qualifications will usually be verified.

Security and character clearance

All staff must undertake a security clearance at the Baseline level, as a minimum, and to maintain that level of clearance while working at the APVMA. Where a higher level of clearance is necessary to perform the functions of a particular role this will be made clear to candidates at the recruitment phase. Police records, employment history and employment references will usually be checked prior to engagement.

Health clearances

New ongoing employees may be required to undergo a medical examination by a nominated medical practitioner to assess whether their health and physical fitness is of an appropriate standard in order to undertake their duties. Where the probationer's health and physical fitness is not of a satisfactory standard, their:

  • probationary period may be extended and a review conducted of the employee's health and physical fitness during that period; or
  • engagement may be terminated.

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