Access, accountability and reporting

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has made the following resources available to meet our obligations under the Australian Government’s performance reporting framework:

Corporate reports and plans

Financial reporting

Other reporting

The program framework and related deliverables and performance indicators are detailed further in the APVMA's component of the?Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment's Portfolio Budget Statements.

Performance statistics

Our quarterly performance statistics reports.

APVMA Regulator Performance Framework

The APVMA Regulator Performance Framework sets out how the APVMA intends to measure and report its performance each year and is part of an Australian government requirement for all regulators

Analysis of time to complete a product application

A summary of the review and comparison of data for product applications processed under previous and current legislation.

Annual procurement plan

Australian Government agencies are required to publish an annual procurement plan.


The APVMA maintains strong controls over its key processes to ensure its legislative obligations are met.

Information Publication Scheme

Meeting our FOI obligations.

Publication of annual product sales data

The annual product sales data published by the APVMA under the Information Publication Scheme.

Agency contracts over $100,000

Senate Order on departmental and agency contracts.

Indexed list of files

Senate order to publish a list of files created in the previous six months.

Statutory appointments

Statutory appointments of the CEO and Advisory Board.

Portfolio Budget Statements

The APVMA portfolio budget statement.

Remuneration of Senior Executive and other highly paid employees

2016-17 Senior Executive and other highly paid staff remuneration details are listed here.

Gifts and benefits

Details of gifts and benefits the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or his or her immediate family have accepted and retained for personal use.

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