APVMA's authority

The APVMA’s authority to use specific powers to monitor and assess compliance is established through the Administration Act and the Code Act. Actions associated with these powers include managing risk, gathering information, investigating and respond to non-compliance.


The APVMA appoints inspectors under the Administration Act (section 69F) and issues them with identity cards. The inspector must present their identity card when they first enter a premises. An inspector must also inform the occupant of their own rights and responsibilities.

The APVMA is able to act swiftly to secure material if it poses a potential health or safety risk to people, animals, the environment or international trade. Additional powers provided under section 131AA of the Code Act enable APVMA inspectors to exercise monitoring powers without warrant or consent if there is imminent risk to people of death, serious injury or serious illness.

A regulatory guideline provides further details about this power and the circumstances under which it may be exercised.

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