Workplace health and safety

The APVMA does not monitor users for correct end-use of agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals, as such it does not enforce Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) compliance. The APVMA regulates agvet chemicals up to and including the point of retail sale—not past it.

WHS and the correct end-use of agvet chemicals in Australia is monitored and enforced collaboratively by the police, Safe Work Australia (external link) and the state and territory governments.


The approved safety and use directions are printed on the label of all registered agvet products in Australia.

Using chemicals at work

While the APVMA does not monitor and enforce WHS compliance, it does determine what correct—and safe—use of an agvet chemical is.

During the assessment and registration process, APVMA regulatory scientists review the occupational health and safety (OHS) data and information supplied by the applicant. The APVMA also reviews the relevant particulars of the product label (RLPs) including the safety and use directions proposed by the applicant. The APVMA then determines whether the proposed safety and use directions for the label effectively minimise the risk of exposure for the user—and for others in the workplace—before deciding whether to approve the safety and use directions.

The approved safety and use directions are printed on the label of all agvet chemicals registered in Australia. If you suspect someone on a farm or in another workplace is using a chemical contrary to the approved instructions on the label, we encourage you to report it immediately to your supervisor, the police, Safe Work Australia (external link) or to your the state or territory government authority.

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