Chemical regulation basics

In Australia, agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals are regulated under a cooperative statutory scheme.

This means the Australian, state and territory governments are all involved in certain aspects of agvet chemical regulation. The APVMA—as an independent statutory authority—undertakes the Australian Government’s responsibilities under the scheme, with functions and powers assigned to it by the legislative framework.

The APVMA is responsible for regulating agvet chemicals up to—and including—the point of retail sale. Beyond this point the state and territory governments are responsible, including controlling the use of these chemicals.

Overview of agvet chemical regulation

The basic guide to how agvet chemical products are regulated in Australia.

PubCRIS and Permits databases

The APVMA's databases for searching agvet chemicals and permits.

Product regulation according to risk

The APVMA’s approach to risk management—and aligning regulatory efforts with risk.

Legislative framework

The legislative environment in which we operate.

CCI Practice Statement

The CCI Practice Statement is intended to help ensure that APVMA officers understand and apply these protections, so that they can properly perform their functions and duties.

Risk management

About the APVMA's approach to risk management with regards to chemical usage in Australia.

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