Annual Report 2014–15—Chief Executive Officer's report and outlook

During 2014–15, we implemented the most comprehensive legislative reform the agency has seen since its inception, and began an ambitious program of organisational change and business systems improvement.

Legislative changes that came into effect on 1 July 2014 overhauled processes for product registration and approval of active constituents. This required substantial effort on the part of both industry and the APVMA to maintain the flow of applications, registration of new products and active approvals.

Restructure of our registration and scientific assessment teams has improved the efficiency of our evaluation process, and performance against statutory timeframes improved during the year—providing a robust base from which to further improve our timeframe performance in the coming year.

To improve our focus on performance matters, a new Client Service Charter was developed, and formal feedback mechanisms are now in place that improve our ability to monitor the health of our systems and make timely improvements.

Our commitment to face-to-face engagement with industry continued with the establishment of a series of industry information and education sessions. The first of six planned events was held in Sydney in June 2015. We continued to contribute to the development of international standards and consistency in global regulation of agricultural and veterinary chemicals through our participation in expert committees and working groups.

Strong operational relationships continued with our partner agencies, and state and territory departments on matters such as chemical reviews, human health and safety, residues and trade, and control of use.

The Chemical Review Program was revamped, and information on the website now clearly sets out where each review is up to—detailed work plans now provide even greater transparency for the community and industry.

Compliance activity continued to be risk based. Two awareness-raising campaigns focused on assisting people to return to voluntary compliance through education, and a pilot project to monitor labelling code compliance for a small number of products revealed widespread minor noncompliance. Routine monitoring will continue next year.

Our focus on regulatory science was further strengthened this year with the appointment of a Chief Scientist, and the delivery of the nanotechnology regulation symposium and report, which marked the culmination of four years of APVMA-led research, consultation and collaboration.

Major consultation with industry this year means that our partnership project with the University of Melbourne to establish a sophisticated risk assessment framework, and our own review of guidelines on international data requirements, are on track to deliver better access to chemicals and further reduce the regulatory burden for industry.

This year marked a refocus of our strategic direction, and refinewment of our vision and mission in the . We have an ambitious agenda of change and innovation ahead of us, which has at its heart the?APVMA Corporate Plan 2015–19?pursuit of scientific excellence and appropriate risk management, client service delivery and continuous improvement in everything we do.

I am pleased to present this annual report of our work in 2014–15.

Kareena Arthy
Chief Executive Officer
September 2015

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