Annual Report 2015-16—List of requirements (compliance index)

Requirement Page
Details of the legislation establishing the body 2
Summary of the objects and functions of the entity as set out in the legislation 3
Purposes of the entity as included in the entity's corporate plan for the period 9
Name of the person holding the position of responsible Minister and the titles of that responsible Minister 2
Directions given to the entity by a Minister under an Act or instrument during the period 3
Government policy orders that applied in relation to the entity during the period under section 22 of the Act 3
If, during the period, the entity has not complied with a direction or order referred to in paragraph (d) or (e)—particulars of the non compliance 3
Annual performance statements for the entity for the period 23–49
A statement of any significant issue reported to the responsible Minister under paragraph 19(1)(e) of the Act that relates to non compliance with the finance law in relation to the entity 3
Information on the accountable authority, or each member of the accountable authority, of the entity during the period 5
An outline of the organisational structure of the entity (including any subsidiaries of the entity) 5
An outline of the location (whether or not in Australia) of major activities or facilities of the entity 22
Information in relation to the main corporate governance practices used by the entity during the period 12–18
Any significant activities and changes that affected the operations or structure of the entity during the period 4
Particulars of judicial decisions or decisions of administrative tribunals made during the period that have had, or may have, a significant effect on the operations of the entity 20
Particulars of any report on the entity given during the period by: ?
(i) the Auditor General, other than a report under section 43 of the Act; or 20
(ii) a Committee of either House, or of both Houses, of the Parliament or 20
(iii) the Commonwealth Ombudsman or 20
(iv) the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 20
Details of any indemnity that applied during the period to the accountable authority, any member of the accountable authority or officer of the entity against a liability (including premiums paid, or agreed to be paid, for insurance against the authority, member or officer's liability for legal costs) 21
An index identifying where the requirements of this section and section 17BF (if applicable) are to be found. 114–17


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