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7/26/12 - WORD OF MOUTH

iPagesCanada is taking business referrals and word-of-mouth marketing to a whole new level. Remember asking your automobile mechanic for a windshield repair company or your friend what plumber they used to fix the toilet?

The service rep or your friend might give you a name or write it down.

Harry Wielenga, president of iPagesCanada suggests “Only about 26 percent of those referrals are ever converted into new business.”


Wielenga responds, “The paper gets lost or misplaced or you forget the name and so you don’t ask again ’cause you don’t want to look stupid.

Other people are just apprehensive about calling.

iPagesCanada has developed an immediate, internet-based referral process, which results in the referred business calling the customer as soon as they receive the referral rather than waiting for the potential customer to call.

So how does it work?

When the service rep receives your request, he opens his software program or his smartphone and immediately contacts the windshield repair company and forwards the correct contact information electronically.

The windshield company receives the referral and is encouraged to respond immediately with a phone call or even an email or text message. “Everyone wins”, says Wielenga, “The customer is impressed with the professionalism and speed of the referral. The windshield repair shop gets the business because the referral is immediate.
Your friend has the same capability on their smartphone. They contact iPagesCanada and suggest a referral.

Wielenga continues, “As the businesses receive referrals, they move up the ranking in the iPages directory. The customers and the referring businesses are an integral part to the word-of-mouth referral process. The customer has spoken.”

iPagesCanada offers several packages to its business clients.

“Our most popular product includes a web site, which is optimized for Google Local Search and Google Maps. Our clients show up in Google within several days and can then be found by customers searching for local businesses.

We also offer Web Video, the newest and best way to reach out to your potential customer using the most popular Web video platforms and sites. We provide a professional looking video which tells the world, and
your potential customer in your community, why they should do business with you.”